This website is my book, a book of wordless stories, where I describe life through my pictures. Here I share my stories, but also other life stories, those that I have the privilege to testify. I feel grateful to be able to use my work to capture moments of happiness and give them eternal life! People, places, moments, objects, passions, essences and different states of the soul, photography is a way to express myself, that challenges me, and where I feel peaceful. In this website, I share how I see the world, I share my truth. I share my photographs of work and leisure, those that define me and make me who I am. In the moments of my life that are filled with deep emotions, or simply quiet, what I capture with my lens is a reflection of myself, of what I observe, and of the passion I have for photography, full of feelings and emotions.

Other projects:

Alma de Alecrim

National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest